‘Spiritual Growth’, ‘Self-Development’, Inspirational’, ‘Motivational’  

Awakening’s words are reassuring and create excitement around all of life’s possibilities whilst the music is nurturing and inspiring.

‘Awakening’ will capture the heart and soul of those already on their journey; and will encourage those yet to start, to find their path and live their dream.

Every soul discovery has a story ~ 'Awakening' is mine ...

A tale of my journey from a place of knowing there must be more to life, to actually living it!

There is so much more to this life. This world. The people in it. The way we connect with them.
If you're looking to explore the meaning of your life ...  my story may just push you in the right direction.

I hope the words encourage you and inspire your own journey to a spectacular life.

I hope the songs sooth you and help your soul to shine.

Awakening ~ The Words and The Songs can be purchased now for immediate download for only $9.95

10% from every sale of Awakening will be donated to the following charities, Child Wise and Kids Helpline, thank you for your support. 

I have been on this adventure since the age of 27. I have suffered as a victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of my paternal uncle, which eventually led to the destruction of my family, and I got through it. I have suffered being abandoned by my father, and I got over it. I have left a country, extended family, friends and my home at the tender age of eighteen to build a new life, on the other side of the world, knowing no-one but my immediate family and I have succeeded. I have had dreams shattered by peers, teachers, friends and those I admired but I am still realising those dreams without the need of reassurance, acceptance or encouragement. I was told for most of my young life that I couldn't sing, and yet here, I offer to you, Awakening x

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