Welcome to the home of "Awakening", The Words and The Songs; created from a place of guided love and light, with a goal of shifting the world into a more loving space in time.

My aim through this site is to support and encourage you to discover your true life purpose and inner dreams and then facilitate making that a reality in your everyday life.

I hope here you will find a little piece of calm; a place to come and revive your senses, nurture your soul and inspire a better, more loving and fulfilling life.

I will regularly share quotes, both original and from the inspirational sources I have found over the years, to ensure you always have a fresh perspective and positive focus for your life. I will also add articles I have written, on topics I have found valuable to my personal growth, in the hope they may spark some recognition and inspire positive action.

You will be able to purchase your very own copy of Awakening, the book and CD (both in digital format), and will automatically donate to a cause through the purchase price. This is, by far, the easiest way to ensure we are giving back whilst also giving to ourselves.

I am a strong believer in giving back to the greater community on a worldwide scale and as such my products all offer a donation to valuable and necessary causes, to help make a difference to our planet and the lives of those sharing it.

I hope through this site I can give back, emotionally and spiritually, to each and every visitor as a way of saying thank you for all I have received, in my life, thus far.

I wish you well on your life's journey, 
may you always find your path 
and the courage to tread it. 
I have but one wish for you, 
that your life be overflowing with
love, gratitude, mindfulness
 and genuine kindness!

Enjoy ...

Blessings, Love and light x

I am a vocalist before a lyricist, I am a lyricist before a writer, I am a writer before an author and before all of these, quite simply ... I AM